1/22/16: This year we have opted to do DAY camps at THEC. Camps will still be help June, July and August. Campers may sign up for as many camps as they like with additional discounts. REGISTRATION OPEN 1/30/16

Beginner-Advanced equine enthusiasts ages 5 and up are welcome to attend camp at THEC! Our camp will run from (11am-4pm) where campers will learn how to feed, groom and tack horses correctly and safely through fun games both on and off the horses. Each child will ride for approximately 1 hour and may sign up for lessons following camp. More advanced riders will have a lesson session where we work on improving their riding/showing skills, while younger riders will focus on riding safely and being comfortable with their horse.

Activities will be lead by Professional instructor Amara Packwood who highly qualified with a B.S. in Equestrian Science and over 2 decades of showing horses. She has trained and ridden horses to many local and regional championships in the Hunter/Jumper and other disciplines (riding styles). Amara and her own horse, Prince Dell Te Fire, have ridden to two Jumping World Champion titles; though she has trained 4 horses that have qualified and competed at World Championships.

Along with Amara, we have several of her intermediate/advanced students who are familiar with Amara's teaching method that assist as our staff for camp. Beginners will always have 1 on 1 help as they need it with their activities :-)

Kids from one of our June 2013 camps!

PRICING for 2016 (1 day horse camp)
  • 2016 Camp - REGISTRATION OPEN NOW - Price drop for June 11th camp!
    • $50/single camper registration
    • $50/per multiple sibling (or multiple camp) registration - must be paid together
    • $50 - current students only.

    • Auditing Only
      • $50.00
      • For parents who would like to audit camp themselves, or with a more timid child, but not ride. If you want to learn horsemanship skills but don't feel you are ready to ride in your first camp this may be for you :-)


Last Page Update: June 12, 2016 12:28 PM
    • Saturday, March 19th (Spring Break Camp)
    • Saturday, May 28th
    • Saturday, June 11th
    • Saturday, July 30th OPEN

  • Please note, these spots are only reserved on a first PAID basis. Reservations are often made in pairs (or larger)- don't wait!

    **Camp Dates may be added if these classes fill early.

What we need in advance:
  • Paid Registration
  • Signed Riding Agreement (Hold Harmless)
  • Riding Questionnaire & Emergency Contact Info


What you need to bring to camp:
  • Long pants and boots with 1/2" heel (for riding)
  • Change of clothes if desired (shorts or tennis shoes, NO flip flops or open toe shoes)
  • Helmet (biking helmet okay, we will have several riding helmets to borrow)
  • Sack lunch (fridge is available; lunch can also be purchased for an additional cost)
  • Sunscreen
  • Drink if desired (we will have water and lemonade available at all times)
  • $$ for a barn T-shirt (optional, $12)




Two Steps: Payment & Registration Form


We can accept credit cards, checks and bank transfers through PayPal.

If you prefer to mail a check, there are instructions on the registration form. Please EMAIL to confirm your registration.

This form needs to be sent to us, make sure everything is filled out and signed twice.



Camp Itinerary
What you'll learn in camp!

Three Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
(note, these levels are different from our lesson levels)


Level One: Beginner
Beginner riders are completely new or only have a handful of exposures to horses (ridden less then 10 times).

  • #1 Safety around horses!
    • How to catch and lead a horse
    • How to groom and pick out hooves
    • How to tack (saddle/bridle your horse)
    • One horse riding lesson - Learning how to ride (steering is harder then you think, especially for little ones! Imagine putting them in your car and then giving your car it's own mind).
    • Untacking
    • Lunch
    • Horse colors
    • Horse markings
    • Horse breeds
    • What's a farrier?
    • Types of feed
    • How to feed
    • Horse care (vet, stall cleaning, cost, etc)

Level Two: Intermediate
Intermediate riders have ridden horses (on their own, not on a lead) at least 10 times and are able to walk and trot on their own, may be starting to canter.

  • Review on safety around horses (all the "dos and don'ts")
    • 1 hour riding lesson
    • Untacking
    • Lunch
    • Any of the "Level One" lessons
    • Veterinary Care (Wound care, bandaging)

Level Three: Advanced
Advanced riders have ridden horses (on their own) at least 6 months and are able to walk, trot and canter on their own. They may be ready to try are more challenging horse and may be showing in outside competitions

  • Review on safety around horses (all the "dos and do nots")
    • 1 hour riding lesson
    • Lunch
    • Any of the "Level One/Level Two" lessons
    • Veterinary Care (Wound care, bandaging)
    • Learning how to tell a horses age by it's teeth.
    • Cost/Complete Care of a horse ("So you think you want to own a horse?")
    • Learning how a horses' build affects their movement.
    • Building jumping courses
    • Special requests! (We like to hear what you would like to learn and schedule it in if we can)




*all photos our from our old location
More photos available on our camp Facebook group :-)



Our camp horses are at varying levels from beginner to advanced so that all levels of riders can be correctly mounted at THEC. Many of the camp horses are also top-class show horses, having won and continue to win championships in the hunter/jumper ring. Please visit the LESSON page to learn all about our awesome horses!



Please e-mail us with any other questions you may have :-)


How early/late can I drop off my child?
Please don't arrive earlier then 10:45am. Children need to be picked up by 4:15pm at to not interfere with our regular lesson schedule.

What do I need to wear/bring to camp?
Riders MUST wear long pants and boots with a 1/2" heal (with small tread) while riding. Tennis shoes are not permitted. Riding helmets will be provided or students may being their own helmet (for camp, biking helmets are okay). When off the horse, riders must wear close-toed shoes.

How should I pay you?
Payment can be made by check or PayPal. Spaces for campers are very limited and will only be reserved when payment is in hand. Our camps always fill, don't wait!

What kinds of things do I learn at camp?
Lessons are adapted to fit the age and experience of the individual child. In all cases safety is emphasized.

Riders will learn all aspects of horse care. You will learn to lead, groom, tack up, ride, clean your tack and care for your horse in a safe manner. We will learn both with the horses and through fun horsey-themed games throughout the day. Riders will be taught how to ride in a correct and safe manner. More advanced riders will have their skills challenged so that they leave camp with additional knowledge.

How far in advance can I book for my child's camp spot?
Booking for 2016 camp spots are being accepted as of 1/30/2016. Our camps always fill, so don't wait to get your child booked.

What ages do you accept?
We ask that children be 5 years or older. We do welcome adults (that don't mind being in camp with children)- there's a lot you can learn!

    What opportunities are there outside of camp at THEC?
    Riding lessons are a great option! There are opportunities for students to ride in events outside of lessons vary greatly depending on the age, experience, ability, dedication and (for children) parental support. Opportunities include: horse shows from fun shows at the barn to local schooling shows and 'A' shows such as the American Royal, trail rides, foxhunting, and parades. Learning opportunities are endless from students being welcome to tag along to local horse sales (learn about breeds, confirmation, etc), clinics and barn trips to watch Grand Prix jumping. Don't forget the (kid friendly) barn parties!

    May I bring my own horse for camp?
    No, sorry we will be using the camp horses for lessons. If you would like to bring your own horse, please look into riding lessons with us.

    Can I bring my own saddle?
    For advanced riders, maybe. If your saddle fits the horse you are riding then yes, otherwise you will need to use a lesson saddle that fits correctly. Saddle fit is very important to keep our horses comfortable during lessons and sound for their lifetime. Beginner and intermediate riders will be using the camp saddles.

    Can we ride western or english lessons?
    Yes, children may ride in either seat. Many like to learn both!

    Is there a weight limit for children riding?
    There does have to be a weight limit for the safety of the horses and riders. Riders using lesson horses need to be in good physical condition and under 200lbs. Riders over this weight will not be accepted into the program. The US Calvary had a weight limit of 140lbs- ouch!