What does it take to be a member of THEC's show team? Riders who are in the show team are dedicated to the sport. They ride multiple times per week, can ride different types of horses, attend monthly shows, strive to learn more outside of class (wether helping feed horses, care for injuries, learn show prep such as clipping/bathing/etc) and are always ready to try something new to further their knowledge. Riders on the show team also receive special privileges such as first-dibs on shows/horses, being allowed to ride some of Amara's personal show horses, chances to go to special events such as foxhunts and more. These riders don't just want to ride on a horse- they want to ride with their horse and strive to achieve an utmost level of discipline in their riding skill.

YOU can become a member of our show team if you can exhibit the above traits. Riders and potential riders who are not yet a member of THEC can be prepped to show within several months if they are willing to take multiple lessons per week. You do not need to be an advanced rider to be on the show team, we are happy to take beginner riders to compete in the small division as well :-)

Amara, Abby and Ashton with their mounts after a successful show in Manhattan! Everyone was Champion or Res. Champion of their division at this show.

Kaitlin, McKenzie and Abby showing TEAM WORK to get water to the horses on a warm show day.




Featured show team member bios and show updates coming soon!

2012 Show Team Members - Amara (trainer), Ashton, Abby and McKenzie (not pictured)

AMARA with her Irish Draught Sport Horse, Mercedes.
2012 KHJA Year-End Novice Horse Jumper Champions

Amara's words: "I don't want to be one of those trainers that loses their passion for the sport and resigns to only teaching and never riding so I like to take a green mount each year to compete at KHJA shows. I rode the KHJA circuit as a Junior rider, then called the Northeast Kansas Hunter Association, and won many year-end championships with Sugar, Delta and Ultimatum. For the last few years I've done a handful of KHJA shows while working on introducing a new lesson horse to the show ring or aboard a clients horse. For 2012 I took my new jumper prospect, Mercedes, in the Novice Horse Jumper division with my goal on a year-end award. She was only backed (broke to a saddle) in July of 2011 and did her first show in March 2012 and road nearly the entire circuit, usually coming away with the champion ribbon as well as winning year-end champion for the division.

Getting to show a young, green horse in a local show is a nice break from competing at "A" shows and AQHA World Championships, which can be pretty intense! This coming year I have a 2 year old that I would like to take to a few shows as well as a new lesson horse to the barn who needs to get out and about. I think I will also take Mercedes up a few levels to better ready her for the "A" jumpers.

Plus, getting to show with my Show Team girls is REALLY FUN!"


ASHTON with THEC lesson horse, Sugar Babe.
2012 KHJA Year-End Novice Rider Jumper Champion

Bio coming soon!


2012 KHJA Year-End Hopeful Jumper Reserve Champion (tied)

Bio coming soon!

2012 KHJA Year-End Hopeful Jumper Reserve Champion (tied)