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2015 Show Team


Our lesson horses are at varying levels from beginner to advanced so that you can not only start at THEC but continue to challenge yourself and grow in your equestrian training. Many of the lesson horses are also top-class show horses, having won and continue to win championships in the hunter/jumper ring.

THEC, hands down, has the most diverse and largest pool of trained lesson horses in the Kansas City area! We have several horses that are appropriate for teaching beginner children and adults on up to horses that can take you to some of the most advanced levels of competition (3 of our lesson horses can be shown up to 4'6"!). All of our horses are chosen for their kind temperament before being trained to join our lesson program. Not only do we have 15 lesson horses- but most of them also attend regular shows and can take you to the ribbons! Two of our lesson horses have been in the top 15 for AQHA Jumpers IN THE WORLD for 2010, 2011 and 2012 while others have year-end, regional and state titles. In THEC, we pride ourselves in taking riders from the ground up- from little to no experience to a rider who can really know how to ride- not just sit on a horse!

    The pictures below are taken at various locations including Tally Ho Equestrian Centre as well as other facilities that we have shown.

    SUGAR (Sugar Babe)
    Beginner. Sugar is a 15.1 hand, 1991 Quarter Horse/Paint cross mare. Sugar has done a little bit of everything from winning hunter and equitation classes to championships at halter and other western events! Sugar was Amara's first horse and she has owned her since she was 2.

    Sugar has retired to lead-line lessons, but was previously shown up to 3'6"

    Sugar is a RETIRED Show Team mount.

    (Sugar has had an extensive show career and winnings since 1995 )
    2012 KHJA Novice Rider Jumper Year-End Champion
    2015 KHJA 3rd Beginner Rider Hunter 18" (with 6yo girl)

    Sugar Collage


    Intermediate-Advanced. Ultimatum comes from a very long show career with many championships all over the Midwest as a show hunter and equitation mount. He is a 16.1 hand, 1993 Thoroughbred gelding. Amara has owned Ultimatum since he was 5 years old (at that time just off the race track!) (jumps up to 4'6", shown to 4')

    Ultimatum is a Show Team mount.

    2014 KHJA 3rd Schooling Hunter Year-End Champion
    2012 KHJA 3rd JR/AM Hunter Year-End Champion

    Ultimatum Collage

TANNER (Artimus)
Intermediate-Advanced. Tanner is a well-trained, imported Warmblood. 17 hands, Approx 2001 gelding. Tanner has had extensive showing in the hunter ring.

Jumps up to 4', shown to 3'

Tanner is a Show Team mount.

Tanner Collage


PRINCE (American Soldier)
Intermediate-Advanced. Prince is a 15.1h, 1995 bay Quarter Horse gelding. He has an intensive career in both the hunter and jumper ring competing and winning year-end titles before coming to join us at Tally Ho!

Jumps up to 3', shown to 2'

Prince is a Show Team mount.

Prince Collage


SUNDANCE (Sequoia Sunset)
Beginner-Advanced. Sundance is a 16 hand, 1994 bay Quarter Horse gelding. He comes to us with a history of being a western lesson horse- but he figured out quickly that jumping is fun, too! Sundance has shows in Hunter and jumper shows and hunts with the Fort Leavenworth Hunt. Great ability to judge his riders and go slow and easy for beginners and rev it into high gear for advanced riders. He was also in the TOP 15 for AQHA Jumpers at World for 2010! GO SUNDANCE! Sundance joined our program in 2007.

Jumps up to 5', shown to 4'6"

Sundance is a Show Team mount.

2014 KHJA year-end Schooling Jumper 2'11" Champion with Ashton!
2013 KHJA Novice Rider Jumper Champion with Ashton!
2012 KHJA year-end Hopeful Jumper Year-End Res. Champion with Abby!
2010 - Finalist AQHA World Championships in Jumping (4'6")

Sundance Collage

PEACH (Peachy Keen)
Beginner-Advanced. 15.3 hands & growing, sorrel, 2006 quarter horse mare. Peach joinedour program in 2011 and has quickly become a favorite in our lesson program- she's sweet, easy to ride and has a great jump!

Jumps up to 4', shown to 4' with ability to go higher!

Peach is a Show Team mount.


BUTTERCUP (Lady of the Bayo)
Intermediate. 14.1 hands, flea-bitten grey, 2001 quarter horse pony mare. Buttercup was chosen by Amara for her particularly calm demeanor, kind eye and quality movement. Buttercup is now a solid member of show team, sweeping the ribbons in hunters and jumpers.

Jumps up to 2'6', shown to 2'

Buttercup is a Show Team mount.

2014 KHJA year-end 4th place 2' Pony Hunter with Maddy and Colette!
2014 KHJA year-end 6th place Beginner Rider Hunter with Colette! (only shown 1/2 the season)
2014 KHJA year-end 6th place 2' Schooling Hunter with Maddy! (only shown 1/2 the season)

SPIRIT (Jet A Bar Spirit)
Beginner-Intermediate. 15 hands, sorrel, 2002 quarter horse gelding. Spirit was Amara's 2-year old western pleasure horse as a senior in high school and showed for 2 years total as a junior horse (with several state placings!). Now he's an excellent teacher for riders of all ages and levels. Small but mighty! (jumps 3', shown at 2')

Jumps up to 3', shown to 2'

Spirit Collage

BARLEY (Panhandle Pirate)
Beginner-Intermediate. Barley is one of the tallest horses you will ever meet- measuring in at over 17 hands! He is a 1996 Thoroughbred gelding. He comes from a long career as a show hunter and equitation mount but also likes to foxhunt and has competed as a 4' jumper! Barley was a member of William Woods Universities Hunter/Jumper program (where Amara received her B.S. Equestrian Science) until Amara purchased him in 2006 to use in her future (now current!) lesson program. Barley was one of our Advanced lesson horses for many years but now also shows our younger riders how to jump smaller fences

Previously jumped up to 5' and shown 4'6"- now semi-retired to jumps 2' and under

Barley Collage

RAJAH (PVF Rawhide)
Beginner-Intermediate. 15.3 hands, grey, 2006 quarter horse gelding. Rajah joined our program in Feb 2011. Rajah was originally projected with THEC Show Team member Kaitlin and is now a wonderful member of our lesson program.

Jumps 3'6", shown to 2'6" with ability to go higher!

Rajah Collage

ZIPPY (Zee's Two Eyed Zip)
Beginner- Intermediate. Zippy is a 14.3 hand, 2003 Quarter Horse gelding. Truly one of the best minded horses you will ever meet! Zippy jumps and rides Western. Zippy joined our program in 2008.

Jumps up to 2', shown up to 2'


Ice (Ice Ice Baby)
Beginner- Intermediate. Ice is a 15.2 hand, 2000 Appaloosa gelding. Ice is an easy-going guy that rides super smooth. He jumps and rides Western. Ice joined our program in 2016.

Jumps up to 2'6", shown up to 2'

Ice Collage



TRIGGER (Fabio McFabulous)
Intermediate. Trigger is a 13.2 hand, 2003 pony gelding. Little pony with a big jump! Trigger joined our lesson program in 2016, though Amara has owned him since 2006.

Jumps up to 2'6", shown up to 2'.

Trigger Collage


THOR (Larks Skipper Asset)
Beginner-Intermediate 15.3 hands, palomino, 2004 gelding. Thor joined our program in late 2013 and has been an excellent addition for our young riders as a great confidence builder! (Jumps up to 2'6")


Thor Collage

BUBBLES (Bubblin' Trouble)
Advanced. Bubbles stands out as the most colorful horse in the group. He is a 15.2 hand, 1988 Appaloosa gelding. He's spent most of his career as Amara's personal foxhunting mount. Don't let his age fool you- his favorite speed is fast and he loves big jumps! (jumps up to 4'6", shown over 3', will free jump over 6'!)