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Have your own REAL "Horsey" Birthday Party at Tally Ho Equestrian Centre. We'll provide you an air-conditioned/heated lounge for games, cake and presents (or just to hang out while others ride). And of course HORSES for rides! Horses will be lead by our experienced staff. RAIN or SHINE - our arena is indoors!


  • $175 includes use of our lounge for 1.5 hours with 30 minutes of riding time (total 1.5 hours barn time).
    • +$20 each additional 1/2 hour of lounge use.
    • +$40 for a 2nd riding horse (30 minutes)
    • +$40 per horse for additional 30 minutes riding (1 hour max)


  • Requirements
    • EACH child must have a release waver signed by their parent or guardian (waver can not be signed by the party host parent). Without this waver children will not be permitted to ride or handle horses.
    • Each child must wear a helmet. Several helmets will be available to borrow from the stable. Children are encouraged to bring their own helmets.
    • Children will NOT be permitted to ride "by themself" (no matter their previous experience). Each horse will be lead by an experienced THEC staff member.
  • Payment for your party is due as soon as a date and time are confirmed. Your date is NOT held without payment in hand (check, cash or paypal are accepted). Payment is non-refundable once booked.




Q: How many children can attend?
A: Up to 20 children may attend without any additional fees. Please keep in mind that the more children you have, the more horses/horse riding time you will want to purchase.

Q: May we decorate the party room?
A: Absolutely! You may decorate our lounge however we ask that no holes are put in the wood and that any tape used not be left behind to keep it looking nice for years to come.

Q: May we bring in food?
A: Yes, THEC does not provide any food.

Q: Who is responsible for clean up?
A: We ask that you do basic clean up after the party- removing decorations and throwing away any trash.

Q: Can we bring treats for the horses?
Baby carrots and sliced apples make excellent treats for the horses. We ask that horses ONLY be fed when supervised by STAFF.

Q: How far in advance do we need to book?
A: Ideally we ask that booking be done a month in advance. Short notice accomidations will be dependent on staff availabilty, please contact us to ask.

Q: What should the children wear?
A: Ideally boots with a 1/2" heal, long pants and a properly-fitting bike or riding helmet. NO sandals or open-toe shoes will be permitted on or around the horses.

Q: Can adults ride?
A: Unless extra time is booked for changing saddles, we cannot permit adults to ride. Also, many of our kid-safe horses are older and cannot support an adult's weight so only certain horses can be used for adults- if you would like to have adults ride please make sure it is arranged in advance.

Q: How do I book?
A: Please call or text letting me know which day(s) you would be interested in booking and a time range that would work for you. Once availability is confirmed, payment will need to be made by PayPal to confirm your booking.